Premium Mexican Ice Cream

Our Philosophy

Grandpa Mendez started making premium ice cream in 1966 in Mexico City. After years of working for Poppa, our founder, Jaime Mendez, moved to California where he not only opened up his own shop, he started a family. It was for his family that Jaime moved across the country, bringing authentic Mexican ice cream to indianapolis.

Our Promises


Unmatched Quality

Only the very best, all natural ingredients make the cut. We strive to keep our products as close to what grandpa was making in ’66.


Traditional Taste of Mexico

Decades old family recipes coupled with refreshing innovation means we have flavors you will only find with us


From Indianapolis with Love

- All our products are hand made in small batches and delivered to retailers within 2 days to maintain freshness.

Order Products

Please call us at (317) 517-5026 to speak to someone about our products, or contact us below with inquiries to sell our products in your store, or for special orders.